The Case Mrs. Goldenberg, an English teacher in a community school, is known for her strict disciplinary approach, and enjoys the respect and admiration of her high school students. David, a student in her class this past semester, consistently interrupted the class, and three days before the end of the school year, Mrs. Goldenberg confiscated Read More »

By Rabbi Max Sutton


The Case Al, a father and grandfather of a beautiful family, fell ill, and decided to prepare his last will and testament and distribute his estate between his children. After losing his wife nine years earlier, Al chose to reside by his daughter and son-in-law, who cared for his needs during his final years. He Read More »

By Rabbi Max Sutton


The Case Solomon was hired to supervise the kitchen of a hotel in preparation for and during the upcoming Passover holiday. The coordinators of the trip offered Solomon and his family free room and board for Passover in exchange for his services. Simultaneously, the trip coordinators hired a leading rabbi to accompany the guests over Read More »

By Rabbi Max Sutton


The Case Yaakov serves as the assistant rabbi of a prominent organization in Netanya, Israel. The head of the organization suggested to Yaakov that he travel to Panama City to raise funds for the organization, which sought to establish a new yeshiva high school. Yaakov complied and spent two weeks in Panama, raising a total Read More »

By Rabbi Max Sutton


The Case Bobby hired Stanley to work as the sales manager of his firm. The job description included exploring and opening new accounts for the firm, while directing the other salesman to enhance the company’s existing accounts. As compensation for his services, Stanley was paid a salary and received a three percent commission on his Read More »

By Rabbi Max Sutton

A DIRTY TRICKFebruary 2015

The Case Sol gave an exclusive listing for the sale of his home to Alicia, an experienced realtor in their local neighborhood in Jerusalem. The price Sol was asking for the property was a firm $2.45 million. Nearly four months later, Alicia informed Sol that although the home was overpriced, she had nevertheless found a Read More »

By Rabbi Max Sutton


The Case During the post-High Holiday season, our Bet Din was confronted with two short-term rental disputes. The outcomes of the disputes were different, although the cases were somewhat similar. Review the two questions below, decide their appropriate outcomes, and explain their logical differences according to Torah law. First Case: Sam was hired as manager of Read More »

By Rabbi Max Sutton

A MONKEY WRENCHDecember 2014

The Case Sol, an experienced plumber, was subcontracted by Ronnie to install a water system for the extension and renovation of a commercial site that he was building. The job description included reading blueprints, determining the layout of the piping and drainage systems, and of course installation. Sol submitted a price quote of $125,000 for Read More »

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