LETTERSJanuary 2018

Mohel Rabbi Mordechai Mozes On behalf of the entire Mozes family, I wish to convey a heartfelt “Thank You” for the wonderful and meaningful article which appeared in your magazine last month (Mohel Rabbi Mordechai Mozes – A Model of Service to All Communities). It was an amazingly accurate description of what my father, Rabbi Mordechai Mozes, Read More »

LETTERSDecember 2017

The Life and Escape of the Jews in Syria I was very impressed with last issue’s cover story, “The Life and Escape of the Jews of Syria,” as it described so much of our ancestors’ lives in Aleppo, Syria and how dangerous and difficult it was to leave.  It is most interesting to note that 15 Read More »

LETTERS – NOVEMBER 2017November 2017

Hurricane Harvey I really enjoyed reading last month’s article about how people from the community flew down to Houston to assist fellow Jews recover from the damage from Hurricane Harvey. It is so great to see the unity of the Jewish community doing so much good in such very difficult times. This is how mankind Read More »

LETTERSOctober 2017

Propel Last month’s cover story about Propel (“Do what you love for those you love”) was unfortunately a sad but accurate description of the perils of today’s society – the necessity for mothers and wives to work to help support their families. Propel sounds like a fantastic program for women in need of a job Read More »

LETTERSSeptember 2017

Secrets of the Food Industry Revealed The headline of last month’s cover story – “Secrets of the Food Industry Revealed” – was very misleading. It looked like the article would be about the food we eat (i.e., kosher food) having additives or other hidden chemicals, and instead it was just a trick to show why Read More »

LETTERS – AUGUST 2017August 2017

Salute to the HS Graduates It was so nice to read about the achievements and goals of the top students of our community. We should all be proud of these honorees, even if they are not related to us, and even if we do not know them or their family members. These top students are Read More »

LETTERS – JULY 2017July 2017

Remembering Miriam Chammah, A”H Thank you for the article about Miriam Chammah, a”h (The Jewish World Unites for a Young Mother). What an extraordinary and inspirational woman she was! People like her are heart and soul lifters, making us more aware of Hashem, and teaching us how to live life to the max. After reading the article I Read More »

LETTERS – JUNE 2017June 2017

Ant-Semitism on College Campuses I enjoyed Community’s interview with David Brog (“A Price Paid In Blood”).  As a parent of two college students, I can attest to the fact that anti-Semitism does exist on college campuses in the US. The rowdiness of the anti-Israel forces at college universities is a sad reflection of politics and society at Read More »


Science of Shechita Last month’s article about shechita (The Science of Shechita) was very interesting and very timely. I’m not sure if people realize this, but there are countries that have already banned shechita and other countries that are trying to do so. Slaughter without pre-stunning is presently illegal in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland. Currently, Belgium is Read More »

LETTERSApril 2017

Judaism in Space My family and I really enjoyed last month’s article about the Jewish astronauts (‘Practicing Judaism In Space’). It was so encouraging to read about how Astronaut Ilan Ramon, A”H, and the three astronauts you interviewed made such great efforts to study Torah, eat kosher, and observe Shabbat while in outer space. What a Kiddush Read More »

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