LETTERSMarch 2017

The Unique Challenges of Eldercare Last month’s cover story, ‘When It’s Our Turn to Take Care of Them,’ was a real eye-opener for me. I am 50 years old and, Baruch Hashem, both my parents are alive. However, their physical and mental health has been declining rapidly as of late. The issue of eldercare and how Read More »

LETTERSFebruary 2017

New York’s Next Mayor? I found last month’s cover story about former football player Michel Faulkner very interesting. It was encouraging to learn about what Faulkner plans to accomplish should he become the next mayor of New York. This city needs a mayor who will meet with the leaders of the Sephardic community to see Read More »

LETTERSJanuary 2017

President-elect Donald Trump I agree with the message of last month’s cover story; I think that Trump will be a great president – especially for the Jews. Donald Trump speaks a language I understand and appreciate – one of strength. He believes in being supportive of our allies and NOT rewarding those nations that would Read More »

LETTERSDecember 2016

Saying Goodbye to Shimon Peres For the most part, I did not agree with the policies of Shimon Peres nor his way of thinking. I did however have a great deal of respect for the man.  Obviously no one is perfect, and upon one’s passing we recall their good traits and deeds, not their failings. Read More »

LETTERSNovember 2016

Flatbush Shomrim I would like to express my compliments to Kelly Jemal Massry for her marvelous article on the Flatbush Shomrim (Criminals Beware). It was wonderful to read about the outstanding volunteers who provide such an important service for our entire community. We are very fortunate to have so many dedicated and caring community members Read More »

LETTERS – OCT. 2016October 2016

Remembering Hacham Yom Tov Yedid Thank you for writing such an eloquent and informative tribute to Hacham Yom Tov Yedid, the last Chief Rabbi of Halab. He was a large-hearted Torah giant who gave his life to Torah and mitzvot. After coming to America, he asked for no credit or position, though in Syria he had Read More »

LETTERSSeptember 2016

Ralph S. Tawil Thank you for writing such an eloquent tribute about Ralph S. Tawil, a”h (“Lev Tov – The Large-Hearted Generosity of Ralph S. Tawil”). Mr. Tawil was truly one of the pillars of our fine community. His passing will be felt by almost every person in the community – by those who knew him, as Read More »

LETTERSAugust 2016

RENEWAL I would like to express my deepest appreciation to Renewal for the critical role their services played in my father’s recent kidney transplant. We had been searching for years to find a match for him. It was devastating to witness this once healthy and strong man become debilitated and progressively non-functional. As his illness Read More »

LETTERSJuly 2016

The Propel Network The following is a response to a letter from a reader named Helen that appeared in last month’s issue. Dear Helen, It is heartwarming to know that you - like hundreds of women in our community - feel that "Propel Network is a necessary and worthy program.” I wanted to take the Read More »

LETTERS – MAY 2016May 2016

Mickey Kairey Mickey Kairey, a”h, was one of those few individuals blessed with the beautiful midda of ‘chen’ (grace or favor).  When you meet people with chen, you immediately realize there is something very special about them and usually feel spiritually attracted to them. Mickey was one of these very special people. He had the gift of making everyone around Read More »

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