RIDDLESOctober 2012

Riddle: Bear Country Submitted by: David Cohen Walking in a deserted area, Harry encountered a bear. Both were frightened and ran away. Harry ran directly to the north, the bear ran directly to the west. After a few minutes, the fellow stopped, took our his binoculars and pointed them directly to the south. Through the Read More »

RIDDLESSeptember 2012

Riddle: Recess with 7 and 11 Submitted by: Eddie Cohen On the first day of school, Rabbi Schweky decided to give his first grade class a 15 minute recess break after lunch. But because his watch had stopped, he would need to time the break using sandglasses from the science lab. Using a 7- and Read More »

RIDDLESAugust 2012

Riddle: Blushing Secretary Submitted by: Abe Schweky The school secretary is preparing a mailing to students when she realizes that among the twelve envelopes which were already sealed, one of them – and she’s not sure which – was accidentally stuffed with her wedding invitation instead of orientation documents. Since she’s getting married in a Read More »


Riddle: Bogus Gummy Bears Submitted by: Isaac Gindi Real gummy bears weigh 10 grams, while imitation gummy bears weight 9 grams. David has 7 jumbo cartons of gummy bears, 4 of which contain real gummy bears, the others imitation. Using a scale only once and the minimum number of gummy bears, how can David determine Read More »


Riddle: Voluntary Segregation Submitted by: Eddie Gindi A group of 80 people are given hats to wear that are either white or black. Each person does not know the color of his or her own hat, but they can see the colors of everyone else’s hats. The people must then separate themselves into separate groups Read More »


Riddle: Phones of Falsehood Submitted by: Steven Cohen Morris has two iPhones that were I infected with software viruses. His white iPhone gives out false results every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and the other days in week it is accurate. His black one outputs corrupt data on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, however on other days Read More »


Riddle: The Time for Wine Submitted by: Isaac Sutton Sharon forgot to buy wine for Passover. Her neighbor Esther has extra wine in a 7 pint container that is full to the top, but needs 3 pints for herself. Sharon has empty 4 and 3 pint containers, but needs exactly two pints for each of Read More »


Riddle: Business Ethics Submitted by: Albert David Mr. Grazi is making a sales pitch in a faraway city, where there are two types of people, Emets, who always speak the truth and Shekers who always lie. After the pitch, he asked the buyer how many units he wanted to purchase and the buyer wrote 1,000,000. Read More »

RIDDLES & TRIVIAFebruary 2012

Riddle: Evaporating Measures Isaac Gindi David has a 20 ounce mixture that is 90 percent water and 10 percent sugar by weight. If David allows the water to evaporate until the mixture is only 50 percent water, how much will the mixture weigh? Last Month’s Riddle: Marry Me Penelope lives in a village with two Read More »

RIDDLES & TRIVIAJanuary 2012

Riddle: Marry Me Submitted by: David Dweck Penelope lives in a village with two tribes – the Emets, who always tell the truth, and the Shekers, who always lie. All of the villagers are either rich or poor (no middle class), and there is no way to tell an Emet from a Sheker just by Read More »

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