RIDDLES & TRIVIADecember 2011

Riddle: The Secret Sibling Submitted by: Ralph Setton Rivka is having twins. The doctor determines that at least one of the babies is definitely going to be a boy. With this knowledge, what are the odds that Rivka will have twin boys? Last Month’s Riddle: Political Truths Candidates in Egypt were coming door to door Read More »

RIDDLES & TRIVIANovember 2011

Riddle: Political Truths Candidates in Egypt were coming door to door to speak with voters. It is known that candidates from the Brotherhood party always lie and candidates from the Justice party always tell the truth. When two candidates came to Ali’s house, Ali asked, “Is at least one of you from the Justice party?” Read More »

RIDDLES & TRIVIAOctober 2011

Riddle: Sports Tourism Submitted by Steven Cohen Kobe Bryant received two separate six-figure contract offers to play for a month in Israel. Both offers contain the same six digits, with five of the digits in exactly the same order. The difference is that one offer has a “1” at the beginning of the number, and Read More »

RIDDLES & TRIVIASeptember 2011

Riddle: Finding a Weigh Submitted by: Steven Cohen Lee sells canned sardines in one pound increments from 1 until 121 pounds. Since his regular scale is broken, Lee decided to use an old, but accurate balance scale to weigh each can that is sold. What is the minimum number of counterweights Lee would need to Read More »


Principal of Truth Submitted by: Joey Betesh Some of the students in Mrs. Pammy’s fourth grade class were misbehaving, but she did not know which. So she sent three of the suspected boys to Principal Morris so he could figure it out. Ben said: “We all misbehaved”. Sam said, “Just one of us did not Read More »


Riddle: Sharon’s Sorbet Submitted by: Isaac Sutton Sharon is making her famous sorbet recipe but she can’t find her measuring cups. She has 3 bowls that are all partially filled. The first is an 8 cup bowl has exactly 5 cups of syrup. The second is a 5 cup bow has exactly 3 cups of Read More »


Riddle: A Heavy Pill Submitted by: Steven Cohen Morris has eight unmarked bottles, each of them containing 48 identical looking pills. Five of these bottles contain only Tylenol, the rest of them contain sugar pills. Sugar pills weigh 1 milligram less than the 325 milligram Tylenol pills. Morris does not know which bottles have sugar Read More »


Riddle: Bilateral Birthdays Submitted by: Adam Sitt 33 students in Lee’s 9th grade class celebrated their birthdays during the 241 days between the start of the school year on September 2, 2010 and April 30, 2011. What are the mathematical odds (use a spreadsheet and round to the nearest whole percent) that any two students shared Read More »


Riddle: Tipping the Glass Submitted by: J. Sutton Eddie has three cups, a 3 ounce, 5 ounce and an 8 ounce. The 8 ounce is full to the rim with wine and the others are empty. Eddie needs to measure exactly two four ounce servings. With only seven pours, how can Eddie prepare two 4 Read More »


Riddle: Trials of Egypt Submitted by: Stacy Harary A former government official in Egypt was on trial for corruption. His lawyer and the prosecutor are both known to be perfectly truthful. At the hearing, the prosecutor said to the judge, “If the defendant embezzled more than £2 million, then he had an accomplice.” The defense Read More »

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