Forget About It Uh oh! Someone forgot to roll up the cereal bag again! Ditto for the potato chips, rice cakes, tacos, and ice cream cones…. But don’t toss those stale cereals, chips, or crackers just yet! You can refresh so many household snacks by placing them on a plate and microwaving them for 30-45 Read More »

By Miriam Sasson

SHAATRA DOES IT February 2017

forget about... Nixing those spotted brown oranges in the fruit aisle of your grocery store. There’s nothing as tangy and refreshing as a winter orange done right. Contrary to popular belief, brown spots on the peel indicate a good quality orange. Oranges with a large navel are harbingers of sweetness. Brightness of color should not Read More »

By Miriam Sasson

SHAATRA DOES IT January 2017

forget about it You can forget about throwing food products haphazardly into your shopping cart. Check the labels first to compare the sugar content and note the presence of dyes (Red #40 and Yellow #5 being the most notoriously damaging to your health.) We’re not merely referring to the stuff in the junk aisle here Read More »

By Miriam Sasson

SHAATRA DOES IT December 2016

forget about it You can forget about checking or separating an egg by passing the yolk back and forth within the two eggshell fragments. The shell may be contaminated with bacteria, a definite danger to your health. To separate eggs, poke them and allow the white to drain. Or, if you’re feeling really original, you Read More »

By Miriam Sasson

SHAATRA DOES IT November 2016

Forget About…. Pulling eggs out of the fridge and cracking them straight into your mixing bowl. Before you begin baking, your ingredients should be left out to warm up a bit. “Room temperature” to “warm” is the ideal temperature for your scrumptious desserts. So, in the future, take out all the ingredients you need before Read More »

By Miriam Sasson

SHAATRA DOES IT October 2016

Forget about it  Forget about removing cakes from their pans too soon. Once your dessert bids farewell to your oven, give it some time to cool off before you act upon it. See, when cakes are baked, there’s a hefty buildup of steam that needs to be released. If the steam stays locked in, the Read More »

By Miriam Sasson

SHAATRA DOES IT September 2016

Forget about it!  Forget about using utensils for both raw and cooked meat. Whether you are squeezing in one last summer BBQ or heatedly prepping for the upcoming holidays, be sure to heed this meaty warning: once food has touched raw meat or poultry, do not use utensils or plates for the cooked stuff without Read More »

By Miriam Sasson


Forget about… consuming fatty foods too late at night. If you’re going to eat those fattening foods, avoid doing so before bed. Late-night snacks and meals that are high in fat mean lots of hard work for your digestive system, and that means poor sleep patterns for you. So, get a good night’s sleep, and Read More »


Forget about it!  Forget about… exposing melting chocolate to water. When droplets of water creep into your chocolate, it will harden quickly. Should it happen, however, simply add a teaspoon of oil to your chocolate and stir. By the way, when handling melted chocolate for an extended amount of time, keep it in a tin Read More »

By Miriam Sasson


Shaatra  – Miriam Sasson Forget About It! Forget about… haphazardly separating egg yolks from egg whites. So that awesome- looking recipe calls for egg whites only? When prepping that dish, (such as meringue), don’t allow even the minutest amount of yolk to creep in. Even the slightest trace of egg yolk found in the egg Read More »

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