Community Carnival of 2015
a Smashing Success!

Sounds of children’s laughter and delighted screams could be heard all around Bnai Yosef, at 1616 Ocean Parkway on
Sunday, May 31st, during the community-wide carnival. Kids were giggling and shrieking in fear from the Swinging Ship ride, and silently focusing as they climbed the 30-ft. Great Giant Rock Wall. Hundreds of children from all over the community enjoyed the Moonwalk, the Basketball Jump, and the 22 ft. Mungo Surf Slide! The Bnai Yosef Carnival offered hours of excitement and great fun with hot popcorn, frosty snow cones, and deliciously sweet cotton candy!

Bnai Yosef expresses its heartfelt gratitude on behalf of the entire community to Nir Yonason Ely, of the Traveling Tykes, for the professional setup of rides and entertainment for our children to enjoy, as well as Rabbi Yehoshua Alfih, all the young volunteers, and the parents and children who attended.

The event was held in the merit of a refuah shelemahfor Yosef Moshe ben Avraham.

First Ever Sefarim-Only
Chinese Auction

On Sunday June 7th, a Chinese Auction was held where all the prizes were sefarim(Torah books). The auction was held by the Teen Minyan of Bet Shaul U’Miriam under the auspices of Rabbi David Cohen, shelit”a.

The minyanwas started by Rabbi Albert Mizrahi in order to teach the boys the importance of tefillahand Torah learning on Shabbat. It has been running for almost two years now, with approximately 50 boys in attendance each week.

After praying Shaharitfrom 8-10am, the boys are treated to a lavish breakfast and then split into learning groups that run until 11:15am.
Each week, numerous sefarimare raffled off after the learning.

The minyanalso runs numerous exciting events throughout the year. During the wintertime, the minyanhosts a Friday night meal featuring great food, uplifting singing, and divrei Torahfrom prominent community rabbis. The annual Basketball Tournament allows the boysshowcase their athletic skills that aren’t seen the rest of the year in the Bet Midrash. As summer has arrived, the minyanis getting ready for its annual fishing trip.

The minyandecided to put together this unique sefarim-only Chinese Auction in order to spread their special joy for Torah throughout the rest of the community. Boys flocked from all the different yeshivot placing tickets into all 26 packages.

The minyanmembers congratulate all the winners and wish them that they use their new sefarimto grow in Torah and become the future scholars of the community.

Keeping Teens Safe This Summer

Project SAFE is a school-based prevention and life-skills program run by The SAFE Foundation. Below are a few advisory reminders for keeping your teens safe this summer.

• It is important for parents to open a dialogue with their teenage children. When teens are included in the conversation as adults, they are much more responsive.

• Everyone wants to be loved, and people do all kinds of dangerous and inappropriate things when they feel empty inside. When a child gets the proper amount of attention, he will feel satisfied and strong. The child with a positive self-esteem can say ‘no’ to peer pressure.

•What was once unacceptable has become the norm. Parents should be aware of what’s going on with their children and keep the lines of communication open. Get to them before the media and the American culture takes hold.

If you or someone you know needs help, please call SAFE’s confidential, toll-free hotline, 24/7, at 866-569-SAFE. For more information about Parent Programs or about Project SAFE School Program, please call 866-569-7233 x 336.

SiyumCelebration Held
at Yeshivat OrHatorah

Haim Basso, a senior at Yeshivat OrHatorah, celebrateda siyumon Masechet Berachot on Tuesday, Rosh Hodesh Sivan. After he completed the traditional recitation of the “Hadran,” spirited dancing erupted, which was followed by a scrumptious meal. Rabbi Yaakov Marcus, Rosh Yeshiva of OrHatorah, then spoke to the students about the importance of learning Torah and completing Masechtot.

Alongside the study of the second and third chapters of Baba Metzia which the senior class learned over the course of this past year, Haim, as well as many other Or Hatorah students, spent their evenings engaged in extracurricular Torah learning. Additionally, Haim and fellow classmates Aharon Chalouh and Gamliel Yatcha devoted their time every Wednesday evening to help the 7thand 8thgrade boys of Or Hatorah at their weekly Mishmar program.

The yeshiva wishes Haim and all the students continued growth and success in becoming true beneh Torah.

Lottie’s Kitchen Offers Support
to Those in Need

I still recall sitting there in front of the doctor’s desk and hearing the words that no mother ever wants to hear. “Deathly ill.”

The diagnosis meant pages of applications and blood tests. My son was terrified. He needed a strong mother. Hours of waiting for results, only to be told that another test was needed.

After hours of testing, I felt a hand on my shoulder. “You’ve been here a long time, I’m told,” came the soft voice of an angel. “You’re worn out. Have something to drink. You’ll feel better.”

She helped me sip the hot, comforting drink, all the while holding my hand and assuring me that she and all her co-staff members will remain with me throughout the ordeal.

That is how I discovered Ezer Mizion’s Lottie’s Kitchen.

Over the course of those next few months, I met many other people who have had similar experiences. An older woman staying with her ill daughter told me how on the first Shabbat after the diagnosis, the family had planned that the husband would be with his wife over Shabbat and the children would be farmed out. Then, three hours before Shabbat, she decided that she would stay in the hospital with her daughter, so that the father could be home with his children.

At that moment, a small light flickered on 50 screens: “Shabbat meals needed for a family of 10.”In 50 homes, people started setting aside portions of food and sending out messages: “We’ll prepare 10 portions of fish”; “Three salads – taken care of”; “Five challahs waiting here for pickup”; “Seven portions of chicken and a tray of oven-baked potatoes”; “Ten schnitzels will be ready in another
15 minutes”; “Dessert for two meals”; “Shabbat will be here in another hour and a half, and I’m starting the pickup now.”

Within an hour, the dishes were collected and brought to the family’s home. Only Lottie’s Kitchen could have pulled that one off, she said.

The backbone of Ezer Mizion’s Lottie’s Kitchen is all of you, our dear friends and supporters.

The 2015 Lottie’s Kitchen Event will take place on Wednesday, July 8that the home of Rina and Eli Cohen inDeal, and promises to be the best event ever! It will feature professional food demos, a most unique Kitchen Boutique, a choice of the most lavish Chinese Auction packages, and, of course, portraits by Susan Menashe.

Israel Cancer Research Fund
to Hold Annual Evening of Inspiration

The Deal community will honor the Israel Cancer Research Fund (ICRF) at an “Evening of Inspiration” on July 12, 2015, thanks to the generosity of hosts Rina and Eli Cohen.

The event will feature special presentations by Dr. Osnat
Ashur-Fabian, an ICRF-funded scientist, who will speak about
her research on the thyroid-cancer connection.

The event is being sponsored by Investors Bank and
Mercantil Commercebank.

The Israel Cancer Research Fund (ICRF) was founded in 1977 by a group of American and Canadian physicians, scientists and lay leaders who sought to prevent the permanent loss of Israel’s most promising cancer researchers to foreign universities due to the lack of funding in Israel for Ph.Ds, post-doctoral fellows and accomplished young scientists. With chapters in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal and Jerusalem, ICRF has been devoted to supporting cancer research in Israel, a world center for cutting edge research and innovation.

Since its founding, the organization has awarded over 2,000 grants to Israeli cancer researchers via fellowships, project grants, career development awards and professorships. With the grants for 2014/15, ICRF’s funding has now surpassed the $50 million mark!

The work of Israeli cancer researchers has resulted in some of the most significant cancer breakthroughs in recent years. ICRF Chairman Kenneth Goodman says, “We are extremely proud of our ICRF- funded scientists, including Dr. Avram Hersko and Dr. Aaron Ciechanover, who received the 2004 Nobel Prize in chemistry for their groundbreaking discovery of the Ubiquitin System, the body’s method of removing damaged proteins. This research led to the development of Velcade, the first FDA-approved drug specifically targeted against the Ubiquitin System, now being used to treat multiple myeloma… All types of cancer are targeted: brain, breast, colon, eye, kidney, liver, lung, ovarian and more.”

“Through expanded funding,” said ICRF president Brad Goldhar, “we can continue to support the vital research that is needed to treat and ultimately cure cancer, while playing a critical role in helping to keep Israel’s finest scientific talent in Israel. The generous support of the Deal community will help ICRF to continue its commitment to finding the cure that we believe will come from within Israel’s outstanding scientific community.”

For more information about ICRF or the July 12  event,
please contact Ken Gabel, New York Director of Development, at 295 Madison Avenue, Suite 1030, New York, New York 10017,
Tel. 212 969 -9800 ext. 225.