Azan Family Survivors
Released from Hospital

Two months after the catastrophic fire that claimed the lives of Aliza Azan and three of her children – Moshe, zt”l, Yitzchak, zt”l, and Henrietta, a”h, the father, Yossi Azan, was released from the hospital in New York, together with his surviving son and daughter.

Three of the four surviving members of the family, Yossi, Daniel, and Shilat, wereseriously injured in the fire, and have been recuperating from their injuries. Now, together with their son and brother Avraham, who was only lightly injured and had been living with his grandfather, Rabbi Avraham Hamra, in Holon, the remaining family members must face the difficult task of coping with the effects of the tragedy.

The Azan and Hamra families wish to thank the entire nation of Israel for their wishes and prayers during this difficult time.

“We bless all those who continue to pray for us and for the full recovery of our family members who were injured.”

Meanwhile, community rabbis led by Rabbi David Ozeri are still raising much needed funds for the family. There are staggering expenses that raised funds are being used for. You can make a contribution for the Azan family’s needs by sending a check to: Yad Yosef (Azan Family Fund), 1036 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11230-4001 or online at:

Flatbush Shomrim Activities

January 22, 8:30am– FSSP received a hotline call about two individuals who broke into a construction site on East 15 and Ave R vicinity. Units responded and held them till 61 Pct. came and arrested them for criminal trespassing and possession of narcotics.

January 23, 2:15pm– FSSP members responded to two individuals stealing packages in the area of East 27 L-M. After a brief car chase, the two perpetrators entered a food establishment on Flatbush Ave. Flatbush Shomrim units alerted PD 70 Pct. who subsequently arrested them for package theft, suspended license, and identity theft. Apparently, they attempted to intercept a package from the FedEx driver by showing fake ID with the homeowner’s name.

February 1, 10:45pm– After a call to our hotline and being interrogated by one of our units and confessing, a cashier from a local bakery on Ave. M was arrested by the 70 Pct. for stealing “dough” from the register over a periodof several days.

February 8–  FSSP was contacted by the 61 Detective squad asking for our assistance in identifying the owner of several pieces of jewelry and “high end”watches that were found on a person that was arrested for multiple burglaries in our community. After posting the pictures on several different social media sites, we received a call from the owner of the items, who correctly identified them.
As a result,an additional burglary charge was attached to the perpetrator.

Community Welcomes
New Physical and OccupationalTherapy Practice

Located in Sheepshead Bay, New York Therapy and Wellnessis becoming the go-to place for physical and occupational therapy. Founded by husband and wife therapists, Dr. Dan and Margo Rusinowitz are bringing a modern approach to therapy.

“We stray away from a lot of the outdated methods that many practices still use, that have been proven to be unhelpful. We incorporate evidence-based techniques into our programs and our clients are benefiting greatly,” says Dr. Rusinowitz.

In addition to clinic appointments, NYTW also offers house call visits. They are covered by Medicare and are a great solution for the aging adult that may havedifficulty going out to therapy. “Our home visits are very important for older adults because our therapists are able to go into a patient’s home, assess where there is a potential risk for future falls, and make recommendations based on how to improve safety at home. Working with a client in their own environment can often yield greater results than working at an office.”

In the clinic, Dr. Rusinowitz works with a variety of conditions, ranging from lower back pain to post-surgical rehabilitation.
Dr. Rusinowitz’s specialty is working with
acute and chronic pain. Each patient getsa thorough evaluation to define the impairments and then a treatment program that is tailored for their specific problem.

“I live by the motto, ‘If you have a body, you’re an athlete.’” says Dr. Rusinowitz. “I don’t care if you’re a 27-year-old basketball player or a 75-year-old who plays cards during the
week – you will be getting a high-level program that will get you to where you need to be.”

Shas-A-Thon 5778

On Sunday, February 18, ATIME successfully held its 5th annual Shas-A-Thon. Over 290 men joinedtogether under one roof to complete the entire shasby day’s end.

This year, Rabbi Meyer Yedid was given the honor of Me’sayem Hashas(completing the Talmud) and led the siyum. Rabbi Yedid’s students from YDE also participated in the Shas-A-Thon. They dedicated their learning in memory of the members of the Azan family.

The ultimate goal of the Shas-A-Thon is to provide spiritual merit, hope, awareness, and support to couples struggling with infertility. The ATIME
Shas-A-Thon raised close to three million dollars which goes toward supporting and helping couples longing for children.STEM Fair at Shaare Torah Girls Elementary School

Shaare Torah Girls Elementary Division presented a spectacular STEM Fair. The theme was Routes to Roots, and it depicted, with creative and educational exhibits, how the study of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics goes together with acknowledging our illustrious roots.

The fair promoted the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate our promising future. The overwhelming positive response that we received from all who attended was phenomenal. Below is one response from a parent that captures the exhilarating feelings of the day.

“As I walked through each exhibit at today’s STEM Fair, I became more and more awed by each and every student’s capabilities. It was an atmosphere which was so inviting, it was almost impossible to leave! The confidence of each child soared as they presented their presentation with excitement and glee. I can say with utmost certainty, the skills which the students built up will accelerate their success as they grow up and enter the real world as adults.

“From the first grade’s outstanding wall of ourgrandparents’ heritage, to the adorable farmers, to the phenomenal models, to the computer games, to the life-sized monuments, to the functional robots (!), down to the intricate structures of the 8th grade, each and every exhibit was both unique and intriguing, which portrayed with such clarity the importance of gratitude to Hashem we should feel in our modern world. Every presentation was unique and spectacular; you are building up the generations of our future!”

Sephardic Bikur Holim Hosts
Its Annual Family Hesed Day

On Sunday, February 11th, Sephardic Bikur Holim hosted its annual Family Hesed Day. Over 300 volunteers of all ages participated in a variety of different ways.

The youngest volunteers made their own sedakaboxes while over 25 adults donated blood to the NY Blood Bank. Volunteers also decorated floral vases and flower bouquets as well as greeting cards for seniors. Hundreds of sambusakkelsones, and olive balls were made for the Sarah Sutton Food Pantry, while a group of kids picked up groceries on a scavenger hunt through Kosher Corner.

In prep for Purim, volunteers made over 100 groggersand cool masks for our clients with Art Shack! To stay up-to-date on future volunteer opportunities – contact

After Tragedy,
Fire Commissioner Meets Flatbush Community Leaders

Following the recent fatal fire in Flatbush, the FJCC convened a meeting with the Fire Department Commissioner and Chiefs, and leadership of Flatbush yeshivas, shuls, and organizations to initiate fire prevention and safety in the community.

Over forty-five leaders gathered last month at the Yad Yosef Torah Center on Ocean Parkway. The meeting was led by Rabbi David Ozeri, the rabbi of the Azan family, who was singularly instrumental in raising funds and caring for the survivors. Rabbi Ozeri spoke about the Azan family, and stressed the importance of safety awareness.

The meeting was chaired by Josh Mehlman, Chairman of the Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition, FJCC, and was attended by leaders of Flatbush Hatzalah, Flatbush Shomrim, COJO of Flatbush, Sephardic Bikur Holim, Sephardic Community Center, Misaskim, Chai Lifeline, Ohel, Amudim, Chesed Shel Emes, and Vaad Refuah, as well as many yeshivot and Bet Yaakov schools.

The meeting was initiated at the request of Mayor de Blasio, who visited the site of the Azan fire hours after the tragedy, and met with Councilman Chaim Deutsch, Josh Mehlman, and Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro.

The Commissioner stated his commitment to providing all the necessary materials and manpower, in a culturally sensitive way, to facilitate fire prevention and safety instruction in community schools. The leaders agreed to immediately begin working on implementing a prevention program in the schools and shuls. The FJCC will coordinate a multifaceted campaign with the FDNY to raise awareness in the broader community.