Supervision Changes & Withdrawals

Traditional Bakery, 625 Jersey Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ, is no longer certified by the OK.  OK, August 17, 2011.

Athens Spanakipita 1 oz, 48 count club store pack, is temporarily not certified as OK dairy. Please check the package for kosher certification. Please note that OK Kosher certification continues to certify many other Athens products including Athens 1 oz Spanakopita 12 count. See individual labels for OK kosher symbol and kashrut category.   OK, August 10, 2011.

Rite Aid Ultra Lactase Caplets, are no longer certified kosher by the Orthodox Union.   OU, August 8, 2011.

LDF Frozen Dough, LDF Fine Frozen Foods Inc. products, is no longer under COR certification as of July 18, 2011 and all products, even when bearing COR 777, are not kosher certified.           COR, August 5, 2011.

Stop and Shop and Giant Fruit Bottom Yogurts, are no longer under OU certification. They are in new packaging that bears a KD and contain gelatin. You can contact your local store to complain, or call Stop and Shop consumer affairs at 800-767-7772., August 4, 2011.

Love Bakery, Encino, Los Angeles, CA will no longer be certified by the RCC as of August 15, 2011. Rabbinical Council of California, August 2, 2011.

Cinnabon and Carvel, in Towson Town Center, Baltimore is no longer certified kosher.Rabbi Zvi Katz, July 21, 2011.


Scoops Ice Cream Shop, Lake Geneva, WI, is not certified by cRc, contrary to signs outside this store. Stores at the following addresses only are certified by the cRc: Bagel Country, 9306 Skokie Blvd, Skokie IL; Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream, 4041 W. Dempster, Skokie IL; Dairy Star, 3472 W Devon, Lincolnwood IL; Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins, 3132 Devon, Chicago IL; Nut, 3745 W Dempster, Skokie IL. cRc, August 23, 2011.

Dean’s Sour Cream Light, bears an unauthorized OV-D symbol on the label. This product is not certified by the OV. Corrective measures are being taken.    Vaad Hoeir of St. Louis, August 19, 2011

J &J Sunshine Corp Crying Tiger Ramon Noodle Soup, bears an unauthorized OK symbol on the label. This product is not certified by OK Kosher Certification and is not kosher.             OK, August 17, 2011

Hidden Valley Wis-Con Ready-to-Serve Pudding, bears an unauthorized OK symbol on the label. This product is not certified by OK Kosher Certification. Corrective measures are being taken.       OK, August 10, 2011.

KC Masterpiece Buffalo Marinade, bears an unauthorized OU symbol. It is not certified by the Orthodox Union and contains dairy. Corrective measures are being implemented.       OU, August 5, 2011.

Waldo’s Incredibly Great Fudge Marshmallow Cookies, are not certified by the Orthodox Union and bear an unauthorized OU. They are mostly sold in Waldo’s stores in Mexico and are being withdrawn from the marketplace. OU, August 5, 2011.

Viking brand Herring Tidbits in Matjes Sauce, bears an unauthorized OK symbol on the label. This product is not certified by OK Kosher certification. Corrective measures are being taken. Viking Foods states that the product is certified by Rabbi Meir Horden.   OK and, August 4, 2011.

H.E.B. Multi-Fit Flakes Original and Multi-Fit Flakes with Berries, display an unauthorized OU symbol. These products are not certified by the Orthodox Union and contain dairy. The products are being withdrawn from the marketplace.            OU, July 29, 2011.

Totem Smokehouse Smoked Salmon, bears an unauthorized OU. This product is not certified by the OU. Corrective action is being implemented.    OU, July 28, 2011.

Associated Supermarket Pork products, Associated Supermarket of Sunnyside, NY were labeled Bet Yosef shehita in Hebrew lettering. The store explained that this was a mistake in use of a new labeling machine the product has been relabeled., July 28, 2011.

Mislabeled Dairy/Parve

Manischewitz Cheese Blintzes, mistakenly display the word “pareve” on some boxes. This product is certified by the Orthodox Union and is dairy. Corrective measures are being implemented.        OU, August 12, 2011.

Planters Caramel Maple Sweet Roast Pecans, display an OU, without the D on some cans. This product is certified by the Orthodox Union as dairy and should be labeled OU-D. Corrective action is being implemented.             OU, August 5, 2011.

Jordan Almonds Nutty Naturals, bears an OK pareve symbol on some batches that mistakenly contain some dairy ingredients. This product contains a best buy date: 07/01/12 through 08/31/12. The product is being relabeled. OK, August 4, 2011.

Laura Lynn Honey Graham Crackers, are labeled with an OU pareve, instead of OU dairy on some packages. This product is certified by the OU and is dairy. Corrective measures are being implemented.OU, August 1, 2011.

Kellogg’s All Bran Buds; Cinnabon Crunchy Cinnamon; Eggo Cereal, will be changing their status from pareve to dairy and will be marked as such with the KD symbol.      Rabbinical Council of New England, July 26, 2011.

Silver Spring Cream Style Horseradish, mistakenly bears an OU, without the D on some jars. This certified product contains dairy and should be labeled OU-D. The company is withdrawing this product from the marketplace for relabeling.          OU, July 22, 2011.

Other Alerts

Popsicle brand Sugar Free Healthy Bunch Fudgsicle and Creamsicle ice pops, mistakenly contain milk and is being recalled. The 24-count boxes of Sugar Free Orange, Cherry, and Grape flavored ice pops that contain milk may contain Fudgsicle and Creamsicle ice pops that are individually wrapped with logos. The affected product is sold in a paperboard box, containing 24–1.65 fl oz (48.7 ml) pops with a unit UPC code of 7756702295, with date codes of OCT0312GCD, OCT0412GCD, OCT0512GCD, OCT0612GCD and OCT0712GCD. The product was distributed in AL, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, LA, MI, OR, TX, UT, WA, and WI. Consumers who have purchased the recalled products are asked to retain the outer box and call (800) 896-9552 to request a replacement coupon,     FDA, August 12, 2011.

Smirnoff Ice and Smirnoff Ice Triple Black, contain grape and are not certified Kosher. In Canada, all varieties and flavors of Smirnoff Ice require the KSA on the label to be considered kosher, including non-flavored Smirnoff. The absence of the KSA indicates that the product is not certified kosher. The information to the contrary that is provided by the CRC Liquor List is relevant to the US only.   COR, August 5, 2011.

Health Alerts

YoCream International Nonfat NY Cheesecake Frozen Yogurt Mix, is recalled due to undeclared egg. The product was distributed throughout the U.S., and is available primarily through frozen yogurt shops and other retail establishments that serve frozen yogurt (it is not sold as consumer retail packaged items). The product is packaged in half-gallon cartons with lot codes printed on the side of the corrugated shipping box and the top of each individual carton. The codes are: UPC 81995 92147; lot codes 2990, 3200, 3470, 3520, 0391, 0461, 0591, 0731, 0871, 0961, 1131, 1171, 1231, 1291, 1541, 1661, 1811, 1921, 2061, and 2131. Consumers with questions may contact the company at (800) 962-7326 between or e-mailing         FDA and FAAN, August 24, 2011.

Cookie by DoubleTree, Christie Cookie Company, has been recalled due to undeclared eggs, soy lecithin, wheat and milk in the following gift tins: Item # 1035 DoubleTree 6 (13.5 oz) Cookie Gift Tin, Item # 10352 DoubleTree Anniversary Special containing two 6 Cookie Gift Tins (27 oz.), Item # 1037 DoubleTree 12 (27 oz.) Cookie Gift Tin, Item # 1038 DoubleTree 15 (33.75 oz.) Cookie Gift Tin, Item # 1039 DoubleTree 24 (54 oz.) Cookie Gift Tin. Products were distributed throughout the United States via direct mail and sold directly to consumers at DoubleTree hotels in a variety of metal containers containing 6-24 cookies. Allergic consumers should not eat this product. For more information contact Bob Turner at (615) 242-3817.        FDA, August 19, 2011

Kettle Chips Wave Cut Lightly Salted 150g Kettle Chips; Wave Cut Salt & Pepper 150g; Kettle Chips Wave Cut Salt & Vinegar 150g; Kettle Chips Lightly Salted 150g, are being recalled due to the possible risk of plastic contamination. One batch code of the affected product may have become contaminated with pieces of plastic that are similar in appearance to the crisps. Affected product has a best before date of 29 October 2011. Product contents should be discarded and empty packs can be returned for a full refund including postage, if mailed, together with name and address, to Kettle Foods Ltd, Barnard Road, Norwich, NR5 9JP       FSA, August 3, 2011.

Blondie; Yaya; Mañanita; and Tastylicious Papayas (fresh and whole), Agromod Produce, sold prior to July 23, 2011 are being recalled because they have the potential to be contaminated with salmonella. Blondie Brand papayas can be identified by a blue and orange sticker label with green and white lettering on the fruit that states Blondie 4395 Mexico. The Yaya Brand Papayas can be identified by a yellow, red, orange, and green label with white, green and red lettering that reads Yaya Premium Papayas Yaya PLU-4395 Mexico. Each Mañanita Brand Papaya can be identified by a green, yellow and red sticker label that states Mexico Mañanita 4395. The Tastylicious Brand Papayas can be identified by a white and blue sticker with red and white lettering that states 4395 Tastylicious Mexico.            FDA and CFIA, July 23, 2011.