Supervision Changes & Withdrawals
The Bubble Gum Ice Cream, Cedar Crest Ice Cream Company of Dubuque, Iowa, is no longer certified kosher, even when bearing the cRc logo. This product is distributed exclusively to food service establishments such as ice cream parlors, health care facilities and restaurants.    cRc, Feb.11, 2009
Nutralife products, SAO Corp, are no longer certified OK Kosher. Any product with an expiration date later than 3/15/10 was not produced under OK supervision. Corrective measures are being taken. If you see this product on the market. please call the OK at 718-756-7500.   OK, Feb 4, 2009
Health is Wealth, Quick Snax RSVP Perfection Foods Company, is no longer certified by OK Kosher Certification. The Health is Wealth Egg Roll (Veggie Dumpling) was incorrectly labeled with the OK symbol. Corrective measures are being taken. If you see this product on the market please call the OK at 718-756-7500.         OK, Feb 4, 2009
Fannie May Chocolates, are no longer under the certification of the cRc. This includes all of the loose products sold in their retail stores. Factory packed products bearing the cRc logo continue to be accepted by the cRc as dairy – chalav stam.            Chicago Rabbinical Council, February 2, 2009
Campbell’s Vegetarian Vegetable Soup, is no longer kosher certified. The company has stopped labeling the soup with any kashrut symbol.            OU, February 2, 2009
Bioitalia Pesto Sauce for Pasta, has been distributed with an unauthorized OK symbol. This product is not certified by OK Kosher Certification and is NOT Kosher. Corrective measures are being taken.            OK, Feb.18, 2009
Nuralife Honey Cashews, were incorrectly labeled OK parve and actually contain a dairy ingredient.      OK, Feb 4, 2009
Dreyer’s or Edy’s Bubblegum Ice Cream, 3 gallon tub bear an unauthorized OU symbol and are not certified kosher by the Orthodox Union. Consumers spotting these products are requested to contact the Orthodox Union at 212-613-8241 or via email at      OU, February 13, 2009
Actumus Black Cherry Concentrate, Dynamic Health Laboratorieswas distributed with an unauthorized OK symbol. This product is not certified by OK Kosher Certification. Corrective measures are being taken. If you see this product on the market, please call 718-756-7500.       OK, January 26, 2009
Ad-vita Acidophilus (6 flavors), Complete Nutrition, was distributed with an unauthorized OK symbol. These products are not certified by OK Kosher Certification. The product is being recalled. OK, January 23, 2009
Certain Tradition Brand Chicken Noodle Soup Cups, were labeled with the Jehling Brand Ramen noodle soup lids. This product was produced with a mashgiah temidi and is Kosher Parve.    Kof-K, January 19, 2009
Mislabeled Dairy/Parve
Giant Eagle and HEB brand Honey Sesame Cashews, were labeled with a Star-K instead of a Star-D. Corrective measures have been taken. New labels correctly bear the Star-D. The product is dairy, non-halav Yisrael.           Star-K, Feb.11, 2009
The Choclaty Cream Center Abba Zabba Bar’s, have been inadvertently mislabeled with a KSA Parve designation. This product should have a Dairy Equipment (DE) designation. All other products are correctly labeled.        KSA, Feb.10, 2009
Girl Scouts Thin Mints, are certified by the Orthodox Union as kosher dairy (OUD), notwithstanding the omission of the kosher symbol on respective packaging due to a printing error. OU, January 27, 2009
Sweet Kiss-Apple, Lifeway Foods, mistakenly bears a cRc-DE. This cream cheese spread is in fact certified cRc D – dairy – halav stam   Chicago Rabbinical Council, January 21, 2009
Other Alerts
Dum Dum lollipops, Spangler Corporation, with either a “K” or OU on them are acceptable. Chewy Dum Dums from Brazil are not kosher. Atlanta Kashruth Commission, February 20, 2009
Raisins, the cRc; OK and OU kosher certification agencies have all maintained that raisins stored in proper conditions (cool, dry and clean) do not need to be checked for bugs. Of course, any raisins that exhibit the telltale signs of infestation (webbing and insect feeding damage) should be checked.          cRc, OK, OU, February, 2009
Mishpacha and Gefen products with raisins, should be avoided due to infestation. National brands and supermarket brands, such as Shoprite, may be used with reliable kosher certification. All baked, cooked and cereal products containing raisins may be used.    Star-K raisin policy, February, 2009
Bigelow Pomegranate Pizzazz Tea, is not currently certified as kosher by the Kof-K and does not bear a kosher symbol on the package. This should not be confused with Bigelow Green Tea with Pomegranate, which bears the Kof-K and is indeed certified kosher. RC Bigelow, produces flavored teas which contain kosher dairy ingredients, as well as products that are not KOF-K certified. Be sure to check the label to assure the parve/dairy and kashrut status of the product.            Kof-K, January 29, 2009
Biscottis (all flavors), Scotto’s Pastry and Bakery are being recalled only for biscottis with the expiration date 061509 and bearing the KOF-K symbol. All other Scotts’ Pastry and Bakery bearing the KOF-K remain certified. Kof-K, January 20, 2009
Health Alerts
Ahava Cheese Plant, Ogdensburg NY, has suspended production due to excessive levels of bacteria and coliform among a number of other issues. Over 25,000 pounds of cheese which was unfit for consumption has been taken out of production, and all other product will be held until a determination is made that it is not adulterated. While Ahava only sold its products in bulk, any retail outlets that may have received Ahava products should determine the safety of the product.          New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, February 23, 2009
Genova solid light tuna in olive oil, Tri-Union Seafoods LLC, San Diego, CA, is being recalled as a precaution due to a production error. The product is mislabeled and contains albacore tuna in soybean oil with vegetable broth that contains soy. Distribution of the product at retail was limited to 900 cases – the vast majority of which were distributed to the Northeast (two cases were distributed to Publix stores in the Southeast). The 5-ounce variety of Genova solid light tuna in olive oil with the UPC code 4800013265, “Best By Date 10/17/12” and product code DEHAH 1A225 or DEHBH 1A225 was distributed in January and February. Consumers who purchased affected product are asked to return it to the store where they purchased it for a full refund. For additional information, call 877-843-6376.          FDA, February 20, 2009
Arrowhead Mills Organic Stone Ground Whole Wheat Flour, Arrowhead Mills, Inc., Hereford, TX is being recalled as a precaution because of the possibility of the presence of an undeclared dairy allergen in a limited number of bags. Consumers who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to milk protein run the potential risk of a health problem or illness if they consume this product. The recalled product, in 2 lb. packages with UPC code # 74333-47242 and lot code 06OCT09, was distributed to natural food stores nationwide. Consumers who have purchased any products covered by this recall are urged to return them to the store of purchase for a full refund. For questions or concerns, call the company at 800-749-0730.            FDA, February 20, 2009
Peanuts, from plants owned by Peanut Corporation of America are still being recalled by the FDA. Over 1000 products have been recalled that either contain peanuts or were processed on lines that also processed peanuts. FDA has a searchable database of recalled products at The list is updated frequently. A list produced by the American Peanut council of products that contain peanuts that are not affected by the recall can be found at           FDA, Feb. 18, 2009
Osem Creamy Pasta Chicken Flavor, Meals-on-the-Go, in 1.94 oz packages with any production code is being voluntarily recalled due to undeclared milk on the label. No other Osem product is affected from this recall.
The product has been distributed only to all-kosher stores and kosher sections of supermarkets, nationwide. The trace of milk that came from the parve creamer was determined to be batel beshishim with respect to the kashrut issue. Customers who have questions or concerns about this recall should contact the Osem USA office at 800-200-6736           FDA, February 13, 2009