Riddle: The 9 Iron

Submitted by: Eddie Beyda

A pharmacist in Timbuktu needs to represent the number 100 on a bottle of iron pills, but he only has six number nine “9” stickers. How can he use the six nines to equal exactly 100? (He can make use of addition, division, subtraction, exponents, fractions, decimals, etc., but no other digits).

Last Month’s Riddle: Generational Differences

Mavis is 21 years older than her child. In 5.5 years she will be 5 time as old as her child. How old is Mavis now?

Solution: 20½. If we say that in 5.5 years, the child is X, then sally will be 5X. We know that there is a 21 year difference so X+21 = 5X. Solving for X we get 21/4 = 5.25. That means today, thechild is -.25 years old (or approximately 3 months in the womb) and Mavis is 20½ years old.

Solved by: Ralph Gindi

Junior Riddle: Prized Posession

Submitted by: Leo Sorcher.

What does a person have, for as long as he’s alive, that goes up, and never goes down?

Last Month’s Junior Riddle: The Big Burn

Ralph wants to kindle a fire in the fireplace of the ski lodge. All he has is one ounce of alcohol, a pint of gasoline, four logs, five sheets of paper, two candles, a box of matches and a piece of cotton wool. Assuming that the fire the fire will need to burn for at least 24 hours, what should Ralph light first?

Solution: The match, of course.

Solved by: Chani Batcohen, Victor J. Grazi, Shirley Massre, Kimberly Djouejati