Riddle: Generational Differences

Submitted by: J. Sutton

Mavis is 21 years older than her child. In 5.5 years she will be 5 time as old as her child. How old is Mavis now?

Last Month’s Riddle: Bear Country

Walking in a deserted area, Harry encountered a bear. Both were frightened and ran away. Harry ran directly to the north, the bear ran directly to the west. After a few minutes, the fellow stopped, took our his binoculars and pointed them directly to the south. Through the binoculars he saw the very same bear. What color was the bear?
Solution: White. The only way for the bear to be seen to the south of the man after the bear ran west and the man ran north, is if the event took place at the north pole and so it must have been a polar bear.

Solved by: Shirley Massre, Joey M, Victor J. Grazi, Michail Sunitsky

Junior Riddle: The Big Burn

Submitted by: Eddie Cohen

Ralph wants to kindle a fire in the fireplace of the ski lodge. All he has is one ounce of alcohol, a pint of gasoline, four logs, five sheets of paper, two candles, a box of matches and a piece of cotton wool. Assuming that the fire the fire will need to burn for at least 24 hours, what should Ralph light first?

Last Month’s Junior Riddle: Man Mover

At the airport, Eddie starts walking 2.5 miles per hour (mph) at the beginning of a long moving sidewalk that is going 2.5 mph. Meanwhile, at the end of the moving sidewalk, David starts walking on the moving sidewalk in the wrong direction towards Eddie at 3.5 mph. How far will Eddie be from David 60 seconds before they meet?

Solution: 1/10 (.1) mile. Since both Eddie and David are on the moving sidewalk, we can ignore the speed of the sidewalk itself and we see that they are travelling at a combined 6 mph. At that speed, they will cover exactly 1/10 of a mile in 60 seconds.

Solved by: Victor Grazi, Jacob Cohen, Michail Sunitsky