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Last Month’s Riddle: Lucky 7

Pamela was planning a party at her house at 100 Clarence Ave. In a big storm just before the party, the two zeros in her address that were attached to the front of the house were lost. At the store, Pamela only found four address markers – all of which were 7s. Using addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, how can Pamela represent her address (100) using the 1 that was still attached to her house and the four 7s?

Solution: 177-77 or (7+7) x (7+(1/7))

Solved by: Yaffit Cohen, The Winer Family, Michael Stein, Victor Grazi, Yakov Elias, Rochelle Tawil, Rose Chehebar, Jacob S. Cohen, Miriam Massre, Jennifer Cohen, Meital and Zukie Sardar

Junior Riddle: Mysterious Words

Submitted by: Steven Sutton

Riddle: This word has 7 letters, and no vowels. But it does have the letter Y in it. What is this word?

Answer: RHYTHM

Last Month’s Junior Riddle: It’s All Relative

While looking at a family photograph, Phillip said, “Brothers and sisters have I none. That man’s father is my father’s son.” Who was the person in the photograph?

Solution: Philip

Solved by: Victor J. Grazi, Ezra D. Cohen, Morris Guindi, Ikey R. Dweck, Yaffit Cohen, Nina Guindi, Ronnie Harary, Gloria Massre, Rosy C, Yael R Dilamani, Yaakov Erani, Dina Sharaby, Michele Crawford, Paula and Shirley Sardar