Riddle: Lucky 7

Submitted by: Eddie Cohen

Pamela was planning a party at her house at 100 Clarence Ave. In a big storm just before the party, the two zeros in her address that were attached to the front of the house were lost. At the store, Pamela only found four address markers – all of which were 7s. Using addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, how can Pamela represent her address (100) using the 1 that was still attached to her house and the four 7s?

Solution: 177-77 or (7+7) x (7+(1/7))

Last Month’s Riddle: The 9 Iron

A pharmacist in Timbuktu needs to represent the number 100 on a bottle of iron pills, but he only has six number nine “9” stickers. How can he use the six nines to equal exactly 100? (He can make use of addition, division, subtraction, exponents, fractions, decimals, etc., but no other digits).

Solution: 99+99/99

Solved by: Victor Grazi, Hymie Franco, Michael Rosen, Dina Sharaby, H.Soleimani

Junior Riddle: It’s All Relative

Submitted by: David Dweck

While looking at a family photograph, Phillip said, “Brothers and sisters have I none. That man’s father is my father’s son.” Who was the person in the photograph?

Solution: Philip

Last Month’s Junior Riddle: Prized Posession

What does a person have, for as long as he’s alive, that goes up, and never goes down?
Solution: His Age

Solved by: Victor Grazi, Isaac D. Cohen, Jack Massre, Joey Massre, Akiva Blum, Hymie Franco, Moshe Haddad, Sarah Cohen, Michael Rosen, J.R., Avraham Gindi, Yonathan Mordakheyev, Sammy Kassin, Rosy C, David Dadoun, Morris Guindi, Rivka Kohan, Ralph Bobo, Dina Sharaby