Shaatra weighs in on:You – only thinner!

This month’s expert:Beth Warren, MS, RDN, CDN; Founder and CEO of Beth Warren Nutrition; Author Living Real Life with Real Food (Skyhorse 2014) and Secrets of the Kosher Girl (Pending Spring 2018).

Beth Warren, nutritionist and founder of Beth Warren Nutrition, is passionate about embracing healthful and whole foods. She recognizes that many women gravitate toward snacks and tend to pick and nibble and munch often throughout the day, a pattern which Beth dubs “the snack trap.” Dieters find it super tough to eliminate those sweet cravings, and seek a way out. The solution? Beth urges dieters to combine fruits and veggies with natural sources of protein or fat for a satisfying snack option. Avocados, natural peanut butter, and hummus are excellent whole foods that can be combined with carrots or apples. Fitting “snack time” into your day will prevent nibbling, overeating, and eating at night, all major weight gain triggers. Additionally, cautions Beth, snacking on a low-cal chocolate chip muffin may be “allowed,” but that muffin will serve as a crutch as it won’t eliminate your sweets cravings in the long run.

It’s been a few weeks since the holidays and I can’t seem to shake off those few pounds that I gained over the holidays. How can I shed the excess weight as well as the accompanying bloated feeling?

Beth Warren: Even healthy eaters in general can be thrown off track over the holidays when there are many meals, late hours, delicious desserts, and little routine. To refresh – and this applies to any time you’re ready to get back on track – you want to get your metabolism rolling again to what it was before you fell into a negative routine. How? It’s not only what you’re eating it’s also when. To begin, eat one hour after arising in the morning, and eat about every three hours after that. This will speed up your metabolism and reset your “eating clock.” Avoid the temptation to “starve” yourself, as that will only slow your metabolism down.

About It!

Forget about… fad dieting, says Beth. Fad diets, which often rely on shots, juices, and other unnatural means, are merely quick fixes, if anything. And they won’t help in achieving sustainable results. According to Beth, proper dieting means choosing quality wholesome foods and curbing cravings of added sugars and processed foods in a well-balanced plan.

Shopping List

Any dieter can attest to the importance of having the right foods handy. Here Beth highlights some tasty snacks to keep you satisfied throughout your day:

Eat Enlightened Broad Beans (available at Ouri’s):
You’ll get that satisfying crunch with this
protein-filled snack.

Chic-a-Peas: ditto for these roasted chick peas.

Popcorn: an oldie but goodie!

Add hummus and carrots, apple and almond butter, and fruit and yogurt, to your shopping list for that perfect protein-filled refreshment.

spotlight on:Exercise

While it is no secret that exercise facilitates weight loss, says Beth, exercise also serves another important function of getting you “in the mindset.” When you work out, you clear you mind and get into “becoming healthy” mode. Beth believes that working out, does not have to equal hours of huffing and puffing. Rather, 20 to 30 minutes a day of walking or doing some pushups will get you on track and will speed your weight loss along. Of course, seeing results faster boosts your morale, so drop that forbidden food and hop on a treadmill!