DNA Test Ushers Unusual Missva in Australia
The Jewish community of Melbourne witnessed what was billed as Australia’s first ever pidyon petter hamor (redemption of a first born donkey), earlier this year.
Two study partners, Berel Goldberger and Binyomin Friedman, decided to try and carry out this unique missva after learning about it in depth together. After an intense search, they located a donkey breeder quite a distance away who owned a female donkey that had never been pregnant or miscarried.
However, it seemed that their wait was for naught when some months after details were arranged, the breeder called with the news that the donkey had given birth to a female. A few days later, the disappointment gave way to surprise when the man called back, saying, “I made a mistake, it’s a male.”
Chief Rabbi Avrohom Zvi Beck suggested a DNA test to double check the maternity of the baby donkey, which ruled out any doubt. “We were thrilled,” Mr. Goldberger said.
The community threw a celebration in honor of the milestone event. – Correspondent L. Mizrahi

Iran to Get Chinese Defense System

China will be selling Iran what their media calls an advance air defense system – the HongQi-9/FD-2000 anti-aircraft missile, which Iran has been trying to procure for years. Its implied purpose is to fortify the country’s nuclear facilities against any impending attack. The missile system can track and fire at targets 75 miles away, has radar jamming capabilities, and can trace a hundred different incoming missiles simultaneously. – Correspondent Dave Gordon
Bibi Takes Golan off the Table
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s new government has declared its adamant refusal to cede land in the Golan Heights to Syria, despite international pressure. Senior officials in his administration clarified the position in light of an interview PM Netanyahu gave with the Russian media. During the Olmert administration, contacts had been made with Syria via Turkey, but Netanyahu maintains that the Golan has strategic value in the event of another war with Syria. Israel insists that peace requires full normalization of relations, including an end to Syria’s alliances with Israeli foes Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah. Syrian officials say that equation is irrelevant to the so-called Land for Peace deal. – Correspondent Dave Gordon
 Synagogues Seek Cell Phone Jammers
It’s not enough to request that cell phones be shut off for prayer services, the leadership of synagogue boards in Northern Israel has found. To remedy the problem, they have sought a permit from Israel’s Communications Ministry to install cell phone jamming systems to disrupt incoming calls in the synagogues. A leader from the Yad Lebanim Synagogue in Kiryat Shmona first initiated the complaint, and submitted a request for a license from the Ministry to use jamming equipment that would affect a radius of about 200 feet. The Israeli Defense Forces use this technology to prevent cellular communication between Hezbollah and Hamas. – Correspondent Dave Gordon
Norway’s Tradition of Anti-Semitism Lives on
Six Norwegian lawyers filed criminal charges against 10 Israelis for war crimes committed during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza. A new law in Norway, effective as of last year, allows foreigners to be tried in Norway for war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity. Some of those charged with a “massive terrorist attack” on the Palestinian civilians living in Gaza during the war are dovish Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and opposition leader Tzipi Livni.
Anti-Semitism in Norway is old news. Dating back to the 1430’s, Sabbath observance in the country was prohibited. Throughout the years, Jews in Norway were restricted in their movement, residence and public positions., Jews were banned from the country during the period of 1814-1851, and in 1817, when some Jews found themselves in Norway, they were deported to England in disgrace.
During the Holocaust, Norwegian citizens collaborated on their own initiative with the Nazis, as the Jewish Norwegians were not “high priority” on the Nazi’s list for extermination due to the small population size. Even today, Norway continues to uphold a circa 1930 ban on shehita (kosher slaughter) on the pretext that it is not humane. Yet Islamic Halal meat production is approved and legal, despite the methods employed being equivalently painful to animals. Just last year, Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld, chairman of the Board of Fellows at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, said that “Norway is the most anti-Semitic country in Scandinavia.”
– CM Staff